Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
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I am a contemporary abstract artist and also a musician.  My career as a full time creative started a long time ago. My passion and obsessions with painting, music, photography, film, writers and design have lead the way through my entire life. 

I have a deep connection with Abstract Expressionist painters and 1980’s street art particularly done in New York and London.  

16 years ago I started painting on canvas with acrylics. The luxury and freedom I feel with paint is something I don’t feel with music as a musician and the path which I’m now on has no end.


I like structure and controlled expressionism. Deep colour and hard edges. A not so obvious perspective and strength as well as fragility.

I have been a member of Gary Numan’s band since 2007. I’ve been fortunate to have seen all four corners of the world and explore different cities, cultures, expressions and fundamentals of human existence in an apparent developed world.

To date I have exhibited twice in public in London UK. The digital age offers benefits for independence and solitude. 


Thanks for reading

Tim Muddiman