Tim Muddiman

Hard edge contemporary abstract artist

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I have been involved in Art and Music for all of my life. I am a member of Gary Numan’s band and have toured the world as a musician for over 20 years. After devoting my adulthood to music I am now devoting my time to an obsession of image, colour and design. Under the laws of creativity and freedom the journey is long, strong and abstract

My observations of the infinite possibilities within design and architecture promote freedom in which i wish to express my work. I hope there is an element of joy and colour satisfaction between the design and immediate feeling the viewer has.

I choose to work with acrylic paint and high grade premium canvases with an objective to them living in a home, workplace or social setting.


Please get in touch at info@timmuddiman.com to discuss individual tailor made pieces, any size or colour.


Payment options available on all pieces


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