Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
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I am a contemporary artist based in The UK. Originally a professional musician and otherwise a full time creative. My obsessions with painting, music, photography, film, writing and design are the basis of my life. 

 The most important aspect when creating a painting is not distorting the phenomena of "the idea". I believe that if we try to quantify anything that is fundamentally a continuous process, we risk distorting the very ideas we have in the first instance. Harnessing and preserving the innocent beauty of a subconscious vision is key and that is the wonder of creativity.

 My work is born and continues to be created by not having conscious historic pre existing values. While my work is often conceptual and relatable to living, the process is my own continuation of individuation. I am drawn to structure and controlled expressionism. Deep colour and hard edges. A not so obvious perspective and strength as well as fragility.

 I have been fortunate to have seen all four corners of the world and explore different cities, cultures, expressions and have a thirst for the  human condition.  It has served my observant and curious mind well. I have written articles on creative commercialism and independence for the Independent newspaper and similar topics for The Huffington Post.   I have released my own music in the past and have been a long term member of Gary Numan's band.  I have also studied degree level photography, film, media and music. 

I have exhibited my paintings in London at group shows and plans are confirmed for my first solo show in West London in July 2021 (please see blog for information soon).

Thank you for reading.

Tim Muddiman