Title: 2 (Please read description)

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Title: 2 of 12 (2021)
Dimensions: 105 x 75 cm  
Medium: Acrylic/Canvas/Framed 

The idea and concept of this new work is directly from fantasy and imagination. However, the paintings are influenced by victorian games rooms, thick tobacco smoke , art deco and jazz. The androgynous symbolism and ambiguous motifs are decorative gifts to boardrooms, snooker halls, living rooms, bars and dining rooms. The painting is mounted in a black floating wooden frame and is ready to hang.

These paintings come with a certificate of authenticity and due to the symbolic nature of the painting will be named with the surname of the person who buys it.

Please contact info@timmuddiman.com for further information or to arrange a visit to my studio and see the work in person.