Set in The Cultural Quarter of the historic market town of Northampton, England, my work can now be viewed in person at gallery space attached to my art studio.                     
I am fortunate to be able to open the oak floored, 17th century, double windowed room as an art gallery to any one interested in my work, general art lovers or visitors to the town. 

Viewing artwork online and social media platforms is incredible for sharing work and encouraging interaction but it is evident by experience that standing in front of a hand painted piece of art with your own eyes and emotions can not be compared.
Easily accessible by car or train, the gallery benefits from an on site coffee shop, private English gardens, private car parking and is open to everyone by appointment only.

Other places of interest to visit within a 3 minute walk are Charles Rennie Mackintosh House and the newly redesigned Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

  Charles Rennie Mackintosh House


 Northampton Museum and Art Gallery



Please contact here for the perfect time in the week or the weekend to visit.  See you soon. Tim M.