Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
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Enjoy The View

Tim Muddiman

Hello Blog Members.   

Really pleased to share my one and only painting of this week. 


Info below:


Title: Enjoy The View

76 x 102  cm 

Acrylic on Canvas


Painting is HERE


Us humans are incredibly resilient. 

Stronger than we ever realise.

Fear can be more crippling than any injury in itself.

There is always light if we look hard enough.

We have to always look for the light.

The journey of life is full of pit falls and also happiness.

Even without stability we can laugh in the face of fire.

Take a break.

Look long and hard.

It’s not a race to the grave.

Sometimes you have to sit, empty your mind and enjoy the view of the madness.



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  • Christine Booth

    Another amazing masterpiece. 🤗

  • Dean Mason Dungeon Trash

    WOW. This is abstract meets psychedelic meets NASA. Just freaking mind numbing this.
    Bravo again mate! Be proud to unveil yet another masterpiece. 😊

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