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Title: Catch A Falling Knife
Dimensions: 61  x 81 cm (unframed)
Medium: Acrylic/Canvas 
'When you own a stock that seems to be falling day after the trading day, there is a tendency to think that those shares must be reaching the bottom. If so, it could help you to reduce your cost of those shares by dollar-averaging. However, catching a falling knife refers to a stock that has its own downward trajectory, and investors should exercise some patience'.

Hardedge, contemporary and linear. Illustrated and hand painted with bold values. A redesigned future for industry, the environment and global commerce. I use acrylic paint on medium weight canvas for a heavy textured finish. All of my paintings are spray matt varnished on completion and hand signed.

The painting is mounted and delivered in the frame pictured.Please contact for further information and shipping outside of the UK.