• Tim Muddiman

Post cards and New improved Site

Am supposed to be working on some new ideas this morning but got heavily caught up in updating the web site. Please take a look around and let me know if you see any mistakes? ! There are bound to be a few. I''ve added new postcards to a new section called "Postcards!" how predictable. I've also enabled a toggle switch that should notify everyone who has subscribed to this web site and not everyone on my mailing list about new Blog posts. I hope you don't mind the inbox invasion but someone drop me a message to say you've received this if that's okay. In other news I think I'll do a very limited edition of 10 signed prints of all of the pictures and publish that in a couple of days. I'm hoping that this goes directly to the subscribers so when I publish you'll be the first to have a chance to buy them if you like.

Okay. It's time for coffee number 2.. (just a tiny second) and on with the day. All feedback is good feedback. Cheers . T.M

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