Giclee Prints

Art can be expensive, and the cost can make it difficult for some people to enjoy having unique art in their homes. While one of a kind contemporary art does have a higher cost, giclee prints are a top of the line way to enjoy art in your home for a smaller cost. When you choose to order prints, you’re getting high quality art that has been replicated.

Giclee prints are a wonderful way for artists to share their work with more people. With standard contemporary art pieces, after the pieces have been sold, it’s gone. It’s impossible for the artist to replicate the exact same piece for another person. With giclee prints, art can be replicated time and again, expanding the number of people who are able to enjoy the piece.

Giclee (pronouced; gee~clay) is a French term which means, “to spray.” The term refers to how inkjet printers spray ink in order to replicate art. While this sounds like a simple process, it requires complex machinery and special types of ink in order to make a high-quality print. Not all inkjet printers are capable of creating giclee prints.



In order to create a giclee print, a high-resolution photograph must be taken of the original artwork. It’s essential that this photograph be as high-quality as possible, as it will be recreated to make the giclee prints. Most digital photos are taken at a resolution of 72 DPI (dots per inch). This means that when the photo is printed, 72 dots of ink will be used per inch to create the image. For a giclee print, at least 300 DPI is needed in order to create a high-quality image. This means that the photo must be of excellent quality, and typically needs to be taken with a high-quality camera. 


If you’re interested in using contemporary art to decorate your space, but aren’t ready to invest in a commissioned or one of a kind piece, giclee prints are a great way to get started. I invite you to browse below and take a look at the prints I have available. Please reach out if you’re interested in making a purchase, or if you have questions about the giclee printing process.