Abstract Art

When you’re working to decorate your space, using abstract art can be a great way to complement any color or design theme. Abstract art can be a great fit for many spaces, as it’s meaning is left up to the viewer. Whether you choose complex or minimal abstract art is up to you - either option can bring a room to life.

When you’re decorating with minimal abstract art, you’ll want to consider placement in the room. Place your abstract art in different areas of the room to see how the colors on your piece interact with light. You may find that you prefer the way your art looks in direct sunlight rather than in a shadow. Consider the light that flows into the room throughout the day, and use this to decide on a good resting place for your art.

Think about whether you want your art to be a focal point in the room. You may want to place your art somewhere where it’s easily noticeable by anyone who enters the room, or you may want it to be placed off to the side, allowing another piece to take center stage.

No matter how you choose to decorate with abstract art, remember that no decorating is permanent. It’s fine to move pieces around, playing with light and interaction with other objects, until you get a good feel for exactly where your new piece belongs.