Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
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Is this a work around?

Tim Muddiman

Hi, All members of the old blog.

Apologies for not sorting this blog sooner but my plan has been over the last few weeks to 100% migrate from Wix to my new web site. This part has proved the most difficult.

Everything about the new site is better apart from the blog section.  The only way I can see (at the moment) to have a member only area is to create a subscription to unlock a locked page.   While that being tempting, I've decided against it.   I don't want to push anyone away and don’t want to come across as "monitising you guys"

First and foremost, this web site is a place to interact and is about sharing my artwork. You guys have been on this journey with me for some time and it means way more than you could imagine.  My intention is that you guys will tell people in passing and help get the word out about the artwork. Something that has been working incredibly well. Im grateful. Truly.

  To be in a space of creativity and to explore all the four corners without obligations, restrictions or heavy marketing is where I need to be. Everything must  be  under the umbrella of art. It's the only way.

I'm trying to get a similar system up and running like I had on the old site. I mean. Posting paintings to you guys first for your feedback and giving you all priority should you want to buy it and have it hanging on your wall. I don’t know as yet how I get new members to the blog.  I guess I’ll add people that buy a painting or a print for the first time.

 I also want to make this blog better than the last one.  I want people to be on the site rather than the socials so I'm going to make videos of the work in progress and other content exclusively for the web site.

 This artwork mission has become my business now and I’m fortunate because all of my touring work with GN and PWEI has stopped.  A lot of musicians are in an awful situation due to Covid and I'm so relieved I made the decision to step aside from music and concentrate on my painting after a very long tour.

Recently with all this web site developing and studio moving it's really taken me away from where my head needs to be for my sanity.  At an easel, with paper and with thoughts of something new. Getting ideas down and seeing them through. Interacting and making this more than just posting artwork.  I did manage to get three pieces done last week but had the fear that parts of what was built up was falling. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but when one feels something there is generally some truth in it.

So, for now, in regard to the blog, I’m going manually extract all the members from the old blog and send out a newsletter every time I write a new blog. It's the only way I can let you hombres know I have written one, Let’s see how it goes.  Please excuse the blunt sales mail that popped out over the weekend.  It's faceless and capitalist. I'm no Habitat or Kmart. 

Thanks for being on the journey and excuse any new shifts in getting this blog out to you however  I can in the simplist way.   Am bursting with new ideas and am going into that place of creativity as often as possible. See ya soon!


Comments are enabled below.  Would love your feedback .  Cheers.



Tim M.

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  • Lily Elsayed am

    Great post Tim. As surreal as these times are, it seems like fate that your convictions allowed you to concentrate on your artwork. Your creativity and the advancement In your work has been raised with each new painting. It’s exciting to see each new piece as they evolve

  • jim and aleks craine am

    great post, Tim – been so much fun following all the art and reading posts from all the other TM fans (btw, we have all of the paintings of yours we have laid out and ready to hang in their special places in our new house – we ran into a problem in that behind the drywall is brick and we don’t have the tools to get the screws in place haha – gotta guy coming over this week to drill the holes and mount the screws)

  • Lieve Roegiers am

    Hi Tim Muddiman, glad to be somehow part of your artistic path. I’m teaching a lot through video calls latetely, due to Covid-19. My colleague saw a new painting of yours as I use it as my background and he liked it very much, he even remarked that my house is looking like some Tim Muddiman art gallery, haha! Anyways, a similar system as for your previous blog looks absolutely fine to me. Am also looking forward to watching some video posts about your work in progress. Stay safe and don’t forget: art’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it :-).

  • Shirl Poetschka am

    I am loving the idea of a video watching you create from vision to easel, it makes the journey of your paintings more intimate and gives a better understanding of layers, brush strokes and colour choices. Can’t wait. Congratulations on your new studio and the fact your dear wife, now gets a couple of rooms back in the house 🤗

  • Jacqui Nabbs am

    What you have achieved is brilliant and you have worked really hard with your family supporting you. I am so pleased its working out for you esp as music has stopped. Having a back up is so important. Love your work. Look forward to your new blog and thoughts.
    Keep painting.

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