Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
Welcome to The Tim Muddiman Art Website
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Black Jack

Tim Muddiman

It's been a very busy 5 weeks in the new studio. 17 paintings in total.

My Jack design is something that I can't leave alone.  There was no way his days were numbered and they probably are still not, numbered.

For a long time I've wanted to do a "Black Jack".  So I did.

3 paintings in total.

For the first time i've decided to blog all three of them at once.  I'll leak them out on the usual socials over the weekend but to all members of this blog I wanted to show them off as a collection.


I hope you guys have the time to click through and take look at the creations. I'm very proud of them and also the 14 others that have been done over the last few weeks.

Please drop a comment below if you have a spare moment.

In other news I'm trying to find ways to revert back to my old site or indeed do a new one.   I really miss the app and the community feel we had on the old site. Stand by .  Something will work out very soon.

But for now .  Please welcome.  BLACK JACK 1 , 2 and 3.

Black Jack 1

Bye for now





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  • Shawn am

    Really cool paintings. I emjoy the vivid color contrasts…pretty stunning! Thank you for sharing these new creations with us!

  • jim craine am

    always liked the earlier ‘darker’ ones – these are great – that’s a really ‘black’ black (is it something different in terms of the actual paint?) – adds much more quality and depth

  • Christine Booth am

    They look extra fabulous in black, I love them.🤗

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