2021 & A Brand New Blog

Welcome to the first post of the new Blog. 

2020 has been a test for everyone and although this year has started in a pretty turbulent way I live in hope that we are all looking towards a more optimistic, stronger and more free 2021. 

This is a brand new Blog and this is , as mentioned above, the very first post. My old blog was sadly closed down today because I ran it from a web site that needed to be moved on from.

Please have a look around the Gallery on my site for past work and check out the Prints and of course my original hand painted canvases

New work will be published in a few weeks from now and of course I will notify subscribers to my web site and post on Instagram and in my Facebook Group.

You can subscribe to the site from the home page and links to my socials are below.

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Stay cool.

Tim M.