• Abstract Art

I chose to have no formal education. This has rarely been to any detriment in my occupational choices and fortunately, mostly to my benefit. However, being defiant and self-projecting has also had its fair share of interesting difficulties. I chose to educate myself by the things I truly love, and the level of love or obsession has determined how far I explore.


By the age of 24 I had experienced over 50 jobs from postman to bank clerk to black market salesman to masher of potatoes. I had also studied film and photography and had an equally wonderful and traumatic childhood under my belt. By the age of 30 I had experienced various profound addictions, a dance with various depressions, not through mental illness, but because of how I saw the world and how people are controlled and what the actual cost of true freedom was... I managed to always hang on to a line from music and artistic expression. By the age of 40 I had owned  my own guitar shop that housed over 1000 guitars. Unfortunately, the business was negatively affected by the 2008 recession and eventually closed.


However, I had also joined Gary Numan’s band and to this day play bass guitar with him and tour the world. I have written articles for The Independent Newspaper and The Huffington Post about my experiences of being an independent artist in this wonderful modern age. I have also released my own music and written music for various tv shows and films in conjunction with EMI Music.


I also dedicate my time to raising my teenage daughter, loving my wife and raising our new-born baby. Now for the love and absolute necessity, I dedicate my time when not touring to painting. Something I have experimented and educated myself with over the last 16 years. It is my life in the present and for the future. My mission has always been to be a true artist. This is something after a long journey I have learnt the right to become. But the journey was long and only ever just beginning.


Tim Muddiman.